Friday, August 27, 2010

The Ultimate Dorm Room Item - The Keurig MINI Plus Brewer

So if you're reading this post, it is probably for one of two reasons:

A. You're the parent of someone headed away to college, or

B. You're a student headed to college very soon.

What could be better than having something in your dorm room to ensure you have every college student's favorite beverage (well, every college student's favorite HOT beverage) at your fingertips?

The Keurig B31 MINI Plus Brewer was recently named one of the must-have items for students headed to college by Good Housekeeping Magazine.

Since we clearly remember our Keurig-less days at college, we want to make sure the college-bound student in your life doesn't have to go through one semester without freshly brewed coffee in their dorm room.

At, we're giving away a FREE Keurig K-Cup Carousel with every purchase of a Keurig MINI Plus Brewer (and every other Keurig Brewer) while supplies last. The Keurig K-Cup Carousel is perfect for displaying all of your favorite K-Cups alongside your Keurig MINI Plus Brewer.

And best of all, the Keurig B31 MINI Plus Brewer is available in three (3) stylish colors (unfortunately, white has been discontinued by Keurig, no making it impossible for Penn State students to take their Keurig MINI Plus Brewer to Beaver Stadium during a White Out). Here's the Keurig MINI Plus Brewer lineup, all available now on

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