Friday, August 10, 2012

The Keurig K-Cup Brewer (Japanese Edition)

Last evening, while doing some research on Keurig K-Cup patents, we stumbled upon this gem; the "Keurig" trevie brewer (which can only be shipped to an address in Japan - we tried).

If nothing else, it is very interesting that while we're all waiting for Y2-Keurig this September, Japan already has their own replacements for the Keurig Brewer and Keurig K-Cups readily available.

While we're not sure if this brewer and the K-Cups being sold along with it are licensed by Keurig or not, it is (at the very least) interesting to see a different take on Keurig brewing.

By far our favorite part of finding these items was something, that we're pretty sure, got lost in translation. That being the Brewstar "Deep Fried" Keurig K-Cup:

And if anyone who sells this brewer online would like to send us one of these brewers and some "K-Cups" we'd love to review it here on the ShoffeeBlog.

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